The Chopard 201Carat Watch

When it comes to the word luxury, the Swiss certainly will not disappoint you with this distinct £16.7 million ($25 million) time piece.
Chopard was founded in the 19th century by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, a Swiss sensation from the age of 24. Chopard is known for its craftsmanship in watchmaking. Later due to a decline, it was then acquired by Karl Scheufele, a family specializing in jewellery as well as watchmaking, bring you the Chopard today as a luxury brand with a nice heritage.

Back to this masterpiece of the Chopard 201, it features 3 larger superb heart-shaped diamonds, 289 pear-shaped glittering diamonds, 139 rounded diamonds and 443 yellow diamonds.
In total, a collection of 874 luxurious diamonds, a true masterpiece. The collection come in various art shapes, full of colors, different weights as well as sizes.

The specifications for a number of the diamonds are as follows:




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